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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 8, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:31 is the time. i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of the forecast, meteorologist steve fertig is here with talking about another day of high temperatures. yesterday it was, at least. >> yesterday we got to 90 degrees again, second day in a row. three days of 90, makes a
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heatwave. >> is that what we're going to have. >> no, but almost this time of year that would be spectacular. if you're not on spring break and headed to school this morning, the bus stop is mild. 70 degrees with a 10-15-mil 10-15--mile-an-hour wind and a lot of cloud cover out there keeping it mild. clouds are going to continue to increase through the day is showers that you will see over the midwest head in our general direction along a frontal boundary. that front could bring us thunderstorms as well, some that could be strong this evening. cloudy skies, and pretty mild heading out this morning. 79 degrees at the noon hour, when we top out at 83. temperatures drop back a little bit. 77 degrees and the showers and thunderstorm chances moving in later in the evening about 6:00. look for a chance of thunderstorms later in the day. we will have more on that and tell you when to expect the storms and when in a little bit. right now candace dold is back with a look at the traffic edge.
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thanks, steve. we're again this morning talking about towson and the overnight fire activity from yesterday that was at the bge facility. it continues to shutdown burke avenue at hillen road and we can show you what the scene looks right here. you can see why we have the road closures. a lot of crews remain on the scene. hillen road is blocked on the same location so you will want to use stevenson lane in the alternate route. so knollwood road is the better option there. as far as the beltway traveling through the area, from 95 all the way up toward 83, doing much better, incident free there an less than--minute ride, 54 miles per hour. traveling through baltimore no problems to report, southbound 95, fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at 53 miles per hour. a 9 minute clip southbound 895 this morning. harbor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a look at morning
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travels. patrice, over to you. 5:33 on fox 45 early edition. another morning without water for nearly 200,000 baltimore county residents. it was shut off after an electrical fire outside of a towson water pumping station yesterday. it could be several more hours before service is restored. megan gilliland is live in towson with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. still a sea of yellow flashing light behind me. the crews have been on the scene now for more than 24 hours trying to fix this problem as fast as they can. the fire shutdown an underground cable that supplies power to the pumping stations. the good news the power is back on, but still no water here this morning. the outage affects roughly 200,000 people. that's about a 3rd of the county from falls road in the westbound to old harford road in the east and from stevenson lane in the south all the way north up to sparks. >> this is like, you know, one
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in a billion chance of having something like this would happen. >> it's a terrible inconvenience. it would be nice if i could speed it up. >> reporter: dpw officials say could be patient. this could take a little bit of time. we are talking about tens of millions of gallons of waters that need to be replenished. no word on if schools are going to be closed today. keep an eye on the ticker on the bottom of the screen. we will be updating that as the information comes into the news station. megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. three people are seriously hurt in a two-alarm fire in a northwest baltimore including a firefighter. it started after 9:00 last night at bir gwynn manner a apartments at the 300 block of liberty heights avenue. two residents suffered smoke inhalation. one of them was an e elderly won who suffered serious burns. we treated a firefighter who fell from the second story
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window. >> the two residents were taken to bayview burn center. the firefighter was taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. no word on the cause of the fire. when flight attendants say don't smoke on a flight they mean it. a sneak smoke break turned into a bomb scare on a flight from washington d.c. to denver. a katari deplomat snuck a smoke. flight attendants thought he was trying to light his shoes on fire. officials say an air marshal on the flight restrained the deplomat, and two fighter jets were sent to intercept the plane. eventually officials determined that he wasn't trying to harm anyone but passengers on the flight were still shaken up. >> i think they have to do that. make sure that there's certain procedures they have to follow. they are inconvenient but you do want them to be careful.
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>> officials say the deplomat is not facing criminal charges, but he is still being questioned. the humane society is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the people that attacked a dog. the 1-year-old pitbull was hit with rocks and bricks while tied to a post along greenspring avenue on easter sunday. detectives believe a group of 12 and 13 years old is responsible, but like in many cases it seems witnesses are reluck a reluctant involved n we are seeing the problem in northwest baltimore and it's happening time and time again. i don't know if there's a lack of concern about this. unless citizens get involved and provide information to the authorities it's going to continue to happen over and over again. >> so far there's no idea who owns the dog but she is expected to be put up for adoption as soon as her injuries heal.
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baltimore county police have a description of the man accused of raping a 19 years old woman in her apartment building. they released this sketch of the man. the reported rape hand monday night in the 4400 block of old court road in pikesville. the victim says the suspect followed her into the building, forced her into a laundry room where he raped her. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1866-7-lock up. state officials take another step toward bringing slots to maryland. the board of public works has approved a contract that would allow the state to buy 5,000 slot machines. officials voted on the $200 million contract yesterday. they have agreed to fund machines for casino locations in ocean city and cecil county. both could be up and running by the fall. the contract also covers the purchase of about 2500 machines for anne arundel county. after a 5 month hiatus, following a traffic accident and
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revelations of cheating on his wife with numerous mistresses, tiger woods is resuming his golf career today. he is scheduled to tee off at 1:00 in the afternoon at the masters. apparently nike one of the sponsors to stick with him through the controversy is ready to resume the advertising with him as well. they are doing it in a controversial way, featuring the voice of tiger's late father, earl woods. >> i want to find out what your thinking was? i want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything? >> that new ad premiered yesterday and is also creating a buzz long before tiger takes his first shot. we want to know if this launch of tiger's reendorsement career will work. joel d smith is live at jimmy's, a know people are coming on both sides of this.
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it was good and it wasn't good. >> reporter: we had this on facebook. some saying, it's none of our business. and others are saying, kind ofy maybe some scolding from beyond the grave. i got daniel and just showed him this from my phone. >> i think tiger's father tried to teach him better. at this point, he has a flaw in his character and maybe he should shut up and say the only thing i did wrong was get caught. >> reporter: what do you think about using his late father's voice in an ad. >> it is propaganda, it's all about money. >> reporter: does this sell apparel. would you buy nike. >> not because of tiger. >> reporter: is it a successful strategy trying to relaunch it like this.
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>> it's not going to have an effect on me. >> reporter: it's brilliant and it's very artsy and interesting. there was an online poll i checked out, patrice, 58,000 people were involved in the poll. 75% said it's just for pr. 25% thought it was sincere. >> it might be just for pr. nike wants to help the image of tiger woods. maybe this commercial isn't telling a product, but it's selling tiger. >> reporter: maybe it's the next step toward selling down the road. this is the first commercial since all of this came down. there's more coming out. another mistress has come out out of the woodwork and she is in a different publication n i'm over that. i'm personal -- i'm personally tired of hearing of the mistresses. it will be interesting to see what tiger woods does on the court today. an investigation into the
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baltimore juvenile justice system. what sparked all the attention. and it starts rather mild. all the clouds will hang in for a long time and we will see showers and thunderstorms for later on this evening as the
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>>welcome back. 5:44 on this thursday morning inching closer to the weekend but the rain inching closer to us. as we take a look at hd radar, looking right now. lurking on the frontal boundary are the showers you see with thunderstorms, too. the showers and thunderstorms are earmarked for us by later this evening. that is with we expect to see strong storms, perhaps. in fact, we have a slight risk as you see for the entire state of maryland for severe weather later into the evening hours. it could be late evening when we see the chance of some of those storms. probably around, 7, or 8:00 tonight. the frontal boundary is going to be the culprit for bringing us
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the storms as you can see. we will be in the warm air sector although we will have the cloud cover. instead we will get into the 80s, maybe 83 or so for the high. cooler for the eastern shore. you see the showers moving into the western part of the state, by 8 larc 8 afternoon and by 8:00 moving into the central counties and the stormy conditions will continue overnight tapering off to showers during the overnight period as the thunderstorms give way to the showers. dry air moves in behind it. we look barred to look forwardy but chilly. it will be seasonal for this time of year. we look barred to dr forward toy conditions for the home opener. the temperatures should be in the 50s. we look at how much rain we are expecting to see today and that is a half an inch in baltimore and salisbury.
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and nearly 3/4 of an inch. then the temperatures stay in the 70s for many to the west and climb a little bit more and have time to climb more for snarl counties ancentral countin shore. that is amazing for this time of day. 71 degrees in d.c. and 68. oakland, only 59 degrees. winds will be a factor, too. right now 5-10 miles per hour. closer to 15 by the ocean city area. we will see the winds 10-15 miles per hour as the front approaches. we will have gusts up to 30 with 81 degrees for the high there. partly cloudy skies and the showers hold off for the eastern shore. for the central part of the state, maybe late afternoon, or late evening for the showers or thunderstorms. 83 degrees for the high in the central part of the maryland. back to the west, you see temperatures climb to about 79 degrees for the high. the showers come in earlier, maybe late afternoon for you, a better chance of it making its way in earlier then and then the
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thunderstorms to follow into the early evening. 10-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 30. tonight 50 degrees, some evening thunderstorms before they taper off to showers overnight. 10-20-mile-an-hour wind and after today's 83, 60 degrees for tomorrow. it's much chillier. we will get rid of the showers early so a dry afternoon for the game but a cool one then. 60 degrees or 52 degrees for saturday but dry, 71 on sunday. we down size nicely to finish the weekend. 67 and 71 for the tuesday and wednesday, both with mostly clear skies. fox 45 sky watch weather is available at your finger tips. iradar is available at you can use fox 45's powerful doppler radar to track incoming storms. interactive tools let you see when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. candace dold is back to let you know what it looks like on the roadways. once again she has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thanks, steve. it's all about the numbers when
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we are checking in on the actual speeds, 62 miles per hour on 95 right near 395, and then the 49 on 95 traveling through whitemarsh. now we are of course, talking about towson yet again this morning. and it's all because of that fire activity at the bg facility burke avenue continues to be shutdown at hilen road and it's blocked at the same location. we can show you what the area looks like. you can he is a lot of flashing lights and a lot of activity. that is the reason for road closures as crews continue to work. use stevenson lane for the alternate there. knollwood road is the best alternate. and as we check on the beltway moving through the vicinity. here it is, between the 83, not too much to complain about there, inner or outer loop lane. that picture perfect ride does continue moving through the pikeville region toward 795. once you are finally on 795, the northbound and southbound lanes are in excellent shape
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as the investigation continues into a teacher's murder on the state grounds of a detention facility. fox 45 find out if lawmakers could have done more to prevent the killings. joy lepola has more on a deadly
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decision. >> reporter: on february 18th, a gruesome discovery is made on the campus of shelton ham. one of the state's more notorious juvenile detention facilities. >> it's a horrible situation. >> reporter: hanna wheeling body was found badly beaten. she had also been raped. it's suspected that a 13-year-old being held in connection with a killing used the brick as a weapon of choice. several people have been fired, but could more had been done sooner. >> there this been problems. that was my understanding one of the reasons we are putting the oversight committee in place to work on the issues. >> reporter: but the committee never met once. in 2005 lawmakers passed legislation that established an oversight committee to take a closer look at the state's juvenile system. the measure was eventually
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vetoed by the then governor robberobeater ehrlich in 2006. they returned and over rode the veto. it was members from the house and six from senate were supposed to be appointed to the new wilnewly established panel. michael bush never made his appointment. we asked the speaker why. surprisingly he said the oversight committee wasn't needed? >> there's certainly numerous oversight groups dealing, and certainly the juvenile department should oversee thesish outside. >> reporter: thomas middleton calls the lack of action a mistake. middle ton was capped as a co-chair. >> sometimes it slips through the . >> reporter: middleton admits he can only guess whether wheeling's murder might or could have been avoided if the committee had conveniented?
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>> we would have made recommendations for making improvements, whether or not it could have saved this woman, it's hard to say. >> juvenile services often gets the most attention when there's a hot button issue, when there's a violent crime, when there's a death. >> reporter: since the house never appointed members and because of the language used in the legislation, the committee desolved before ever holding a single meeting. >> she wasn't afraid at all. she was well protected. they had bad histories, but she had a guard in the room with her. >> reporter: joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. coming up later on fox 45 morning news tracking people through their cell phone. the controversy over accessing the information without a warrant. inside nex
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in the top field. giving the orioles a 1-0 lead on tejada's first hit of the year. the bottom of the second and they flash some weather. evan longoria, and he started to look real comfortable at the hot corner. bottom of the 4th and o's are up 2-0. carl crawfor craw scores 2. and the bases loaded, and jeromy guthrie strikes him. bottom the signature, 2-1 birds, and longoria runs one, 3 run center. jason bartlett come to score. the race take a 3-2 lead, by a 2 run double by longoria. the orioles trail it 4-1, 2. and it's going to bounce up and over the wall for the ground
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rule doubled. that will score matt wheater as the orioles cut the lead to just one and 4-3. with the tying run in 3rd. brian running will being for the 3rd score of the year. bj often gets under it and the final out. the rays beat the orioles for the second straight night by a score of 4-3. matt garza allowed 9 inning. and the orioles send rookie brian maddox to the hill today to try to avoid the a 3-game sweep. the wil lacrosse hooked up t night towson and umbc took the field. with only three wins between them. the combined record 3-11. the scoreless game in the first, tigers swinging around, christian, pastor ricky and towson, takes an early 1-0 lead.
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later first, tim comes, and following the 3 goals on the 9th. tiger is up 2-0. in the first, same score, the one timer, and up 3-0. the retrievers did get on the board late in the first. shane goes through the first. umbc trailed one and wouldn't get closer. towson beats umbc10-7. the rears
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